Is Amazon a Fantastic Remedy To Host Your Own WordPress Site?


After confronting the reality that I want a quicker hosting provider, I eventually decided to test out a number of Amazon’s hosting products. Amazon has numerous services it can be somewhat daunting to begin together, but I chose to give it a try.

The very first thing I looked for was the capacity to host WordPress sites. After a bit of research, I discovered that Amazon had only introduced a schedule for WordPress. With their newest “LightSail” merchandise, I found it was really pretty straight forward to configure and load up WordPress. There are numerous other popular CMS programs also, such as Drupal and Joomla. If you’re interested in an e-Commerce solution, Magento can be supported.

Lightsail isn’t right for big deployments, but it is pretty damn simple for smaller demands. In brief, you join, place on your domain name, setup WordPress, set your DNS zones, then map the static ip address that is assigned to you, and it starts Hosting wordpress.

When you proceed to start one of those programs, Amazon identifies them as “cases”. You’d choose the case which you’re considering (WordPress, Drupal, etc) and adhere to the incremental instructions.

1. The very first issue would be to name your own case. If you do not name it, then Lightsail will produce a title for you. Amazon functions in zones, and in my situation, it is usually Virginia. You are able to alter the zone if you prefer, but I have found it is better simply to leave it in the default zone.

2. You’ll also select your case program, that’s the monthly fee which is suitable for your requirements.

3. You might even run other different scrips and pick either the default SSH key pair or adjust the key group. As previously, I stick with the default option.

4. Click on create. It requires a few minutes after which a page includes a public ip address and a username to connect with the case. You may need your private key out of the Amazon account, so in the event that you don’t own one, you will want to make it.

5. Bitnami is used to link to the new website. But after, you have loaded WordPress, you login precisely the exact same manner with each other hosting company. Bitnami is fairly intuitive and does not require over 15 or 20 moments to understand how to navigate about.

There’s also some project videos and guides too to assist with the setup. According to the WordPress job guide there’s just 5 steps, but in fact, it is more like 8 measures.

I loaded up this a couple of weeks before, so I have not had the time to completely assemble out it, but I had no problems loading this subject. I am also using an AWS plugin (free) which can replicate any media files to Amazon S3 and function from S3 Cloudfront. With luck, this will decrease load times for my webpages.

It takes some getting used to not needing cpanel, however, all in all, I’d say, it is a definite “Yes” to wanting Amazon’s Lightsail to host your own WordPress websites.

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