7 Questions To Ask Your Website Designer Before You Hire Them


Selecting a website designer often appears to be filled and overly complicated. However, a bit like a motorcar, there’s a good deal more likely with an internet site than meets the eye. Use this record to restrict your site designer choice to make certain that you obtain a good, functional, web site design that matches or surpasses your expectations.

1. Assess their portfolio

This is actually the designer’s shop window and should demonstrate a range of different websites they’ve designed.

Be certain the internet sites they reveal remain online – in case the sites are not in existencethe portfolio isn’t up to date.รับออกแบบเว็บไซต์ 

Should they reveal thumbnails, check that the true site resembles the thumbnail. When it does not, that’s a possible indication that the new design has never been used.

2. Do they utilize WordPress?

Whilst a few website designers will sigh at you asking that question, it’s still a good one to ask.

Over 1 every 5 brand new internet sites today use WordPress. And there is safety in that number! This ensures when your web site designer disappears off the surface of the earth or changes direction or you also fall out together, you are not stuck.

If your website is shop based afterward your designer should suggest something such as zen-cart or Magento but otherwise, unless your requirements are especially complicated, they need to be using WordPress, the industry pioneer.

3. Will pricing be obvious?

Although WordPress is liberated which doesn’t indicate that the designer’s timing is free as well. That’s fair .

The extras that are included may or might not be chargeable. This includes the true design of the site – if it’s a publicly available template subsequently your designer should be in advance about it. Some less than scrupulous designers have been known to charge thousands for designs that they bought off the shelf to get under #100. Make sure you’re not caught out!

4. Will the site be search engine optimized?

Internet search engine optimisation (search engine optimization ) isn’t a universal skill.

Whilst you should not necessarily expect your site designer to become fully knowledgeable about all the latest tips and suggestions, there are some search engine optimization components that have been in existence since the net came to be.

Confirm your website designer has a basic knowledge of search engine optimisation and they will make sure that at least the page titles, page descriptions and reports on your own brand new website are tweaked appropriately.

Should they write the site copy for then should be pretty well search engine optimisation’d as well. If you provide the copy then make sure that they at least make hints when it is not up to scratch.

5. How easy will it be for me to create changes?

That you do not want to be more return to a site designer each time you want to alter a handful of prices or words.

WordPress is easy to use as well as also your web site designer should allow you to make changes and sometimes add completely new pages without even return to them.

Naturally, if this doesn’t appeal. Then the supply of a maintenance package may well be your smartest choice.

6. Who will own my domain name and where is my site be hosted?

It’s crucial that you’re the owner of your domain name, not your designer.

Like wise, it’s great practice to sponsor your own site on the world wide web instead of utilize the shared hosting package your website designer may give you.

You’ll almost certainly find a better quality of hosting, which is important for your site traffic, as well as being reliant on somebody who isn’t a professional in the field. You need the satisfaction that if your web site is unavailable, a specialist company will take care of you fast.

7. What happens if we fall out?

Whilst it’s unthinkable at the start of the website design process, it’s by no means unusual for people to fallout with their website designers.

You need to look after the when you’re still on speaking terms! It’s a bit like a marriage pre nup.

Assess who will have the plan, whether there’ll be no depart expenses, what goes on together with any custom code, etc..

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