import from China-A complete guide for beginners


How to import from China is a topic that might interests a lot of people who plansource product from China and resell in their targeted market or outsourcing
their production to China. Starting a new business from scratch is always very
daunting owing to the fact that one wrong move and things could go either way.
Whether you are an Amazon seller who are working on Amazon sourcing, or a wholesaler who sourcing products from China anddistributing in your own country, how to import from China has never been a
trivial thing. It usually takes a very strong minded person to build a
business from ground up and not everyone has it in them to do so. The
decisions, responsibility and even the attention to detail is something which
most people find it hard to look into at the same time. Most often than not, it
is the pressure from various external sources and the doubts from within, that
cloud the person’s judgement and make him or unsure of what to do in a given

When it comes to things like getting started most Newbusiness men and women wonder how they will be able to get things done, the
problems and questions which affect them most are as follows-

● What products should I sell first?
● How much should I sell the product for?
● Where should the products come from?
● What if the supplier is not reliable?
● What if the products aren’t of a top notch quality when they arrive?
● What if I don’t even break even?
Apart from all these pressing questions which get toomuch to handle, another important question which plagues the mind is, Where do
I import my products from?

Though it might seem like there are plenty of placeswhere things can be imported from, in actual fact the best place to import
quality products from is – China. This is primarily owing to two distinct

● Products are cheap
There are plenty of countries that export goods, but nocountry can hold a candle to the prices of the Chinese products. This is owing
to the fact that labor is rather cheap and the quantity of products produced is
very large indeed.

● Good quality
Though many seem to think that quality is not thatimportant, but in actual fact a business will never be able to sustain itself
for a long time unless care is taken to ensure that the quality of products are
good. In China the products are of a good quality, whether it is in terms of
clothes, handbags, stationery or other miscellaneous stuff.

● Uniqueness
Rest assured that there is no place like China when itcomes to the wide range of unique products that are available. Head to the
markets of China to be shell-shocked by the sheer bulk and variety of products
which are produced.

● Simple to import
Believe it or not importing goods and products from Chinamight seem like a challenging task, but in actual fact this is not so, once you
get used to it and have your contacts in place, things are bound to get much
easier for you as well as your business.

To understand how to import from China it isimperative to take things one thing at a time, rather than trying to do it all
at one go. All this may seem daunting but it is worth it in the long haul. The
process of how to import begins by following these steps in a proper sequential

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