How to Read the Forex Economic Calendar


Once you’ve seen the website , Economic Calendar, below you’ll easily know how to learn the Forex Economic Calendar.

#1 Date
All financial events have been displayed in chronological order with the date and the time that the statement was released or will be released.

No 2 Time Left
This will show you either the full time , days or weeks, before another announcement is released or you’ll see”Done” that informs you that case has already happened.

#3 Event
The flag icon signifies that the nation of this Metatrader 4 news or data discharge and then to it, its own event’s name.

No 4 Impact
An important indicator on how likely there will be an impact on the equity and currency markets.

Each market event will probably likely be marked using either ONE of the four consequences:
No effect (No more Substantial event to maneuver the marketplace )

Low impact (Low chance to influence the marketplace )

Medium impact (Medium likelihood of going the market)

High impact (Highly likely occasion to move the market)

No 5 Previous/Consensus/Actual
With each financial indicator event published, you’ll get the last, Consensus and Actual statistics on top of the Forex Economic Calendar.


The previous data results e.g.. Last month or two last quarter


The expected number that is the overall agreement of these experts.


The financial event’s data released which shows you if the information is BETTER (Green high-light ) or even WORSE (Red high-light ) compared to expected.

The Way to Alter Your Forex Economic Calendar
Choose your own time zone:

To begin with, click on the drop down list at which calendar puts its own default timezone to (GMT +0:00) Western Europe Time. Change the time zone at the top right of this Calendar into (GMT +2:00) southafrica.

Filter by the impact of events:

Click on the drop down list on the top right of the calendar to filter according to the effects of the events as well as the symbols you wish to view. Then click to update the information.

Extra Notes together with all the Forex Economic Calendar
There are a couple of important events you’ll need to watch out for monthly.

Some of the very influential occasions, in no specific order, would be the next:

Economic indicators are not the merely crucial events to be on the lookout for. Also take note concerning these news occasions:

Event #1: ECB (European Central Bank)

Event #2: US Fed

If you choose all that’s been discussed in this informative article into account, you can look forward to much success using the Forex Economic Calendar in your trading arsenal.

“Wisdom yields Wealth”

Analyst, BlackStone Futures
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