How Product Managers Can Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest To Create Product Buzz


As product managers working and living in the 21st Century, most of us find out about the significance of social networking. A number people have probably already added the skills to your product manager restart. But, discovering precisely exactly making the best usage of those new tools which let us touch base with your clients remains some thing which we’re all fighting with. What we want is some professional advice on what social networking tools we ought to use and precisely exactly how exactly to begin with them like for Instagram


Certainly one of the primary mistakes which Product Managers create is that they genuinely believe that societal media marketing is all around supply. We notice as a means to alert the world concerning our product enhancement definition. We wind up setting the exact narrative out on every social interpersonal networking tool. Nevertheless, every tool differs and each one requires one to inform your story in an alternative way.

Twitter is all about getting people’s interest. Should they’re already after you, then the ones tweets that you simply send out concerning the future version of one’s merchandise or the newest customer which you signed up can receive read. But think about every one else?

As it happens that Twitter is all concerning the Hash-tags (#prodmgmt) . The thing you have todo is to take a review of exactly what Hash-tags are trending should you move to earn your tweet. Knowing this, create your tweet pertinent for the hash-tag, range from the hash-tag on your tweet, and then present your tweet for a question that’ll cause your readers to stop and consider an instant. Should you need to do all of this properly, then your readers will develop in to followers and that is the way you find the word out of your goods.


Facebook postings are typical in regards to the image that you simply include. Individuals who view your posting will probably be visiting alot of different postings at precisely the exact same moment. You will get to spend the opportunity to think of a graphic that’s going to catch their attention and make them curious enough to decelerate and read your own copy.

The thing you have to do next will be to supply them with precisely the info that they will need to understand. When people are looking for the product, what features would they use to compare your product with other folks? Mention these features to be able to help your prospective clients evaluate your goods.

On Facebook it really is OK to pick your sale. Include a connection that’s what “buy today” until it. But on Facebook, in the event you would like some body to do something, then you’ve got to let them know to accomplish it.


Instagram is exactly about you personally behaving human product director. Instagram is extremely, very personal. It’s an easy method to catch those real time minutes. Instagram can also be exactly about graphics – real time graphics. The men and women who’re seeing your Instagram desire to understand answers to questions such as “where have you been?” Or “what exactly are you really looking at?” .

The graphics that you just post on Instagram do not need to be nearly as glossy as those who you just post on Facebook. All these are the graphics that seem as if you snapped them along with your cellular phone camera – as you did!

Instagram will not let you add connections with your own photos. The single location where you’ll have links is on your Instagram bio. Ensure your photos interesting enough so that individuals visit take a look at your bio degradable and out there that they proceed to learn more regarding your goods.


Folks utilize Pinterest to check up their fantasies or to figure out the way to complete things (usefulness) . You want to be certain that your posts encourage one or both of the ideals.

Whenever you’re employing Pinterest you want to bear in your mind that you aren’t wanting to just sell your merchandise. As an alternative, you’re working to instruct your client about the way they are able to begin solving the issue that the product was produced to help them solve. Provide your prospective clients circumstance and let them know concerning what that they’d really like to learn about your goods.

About Pinterest you are able to make use of much more text to discuss your goods. Bear in mind, individuals arrived at Pinterest whenever they have been prepared to purchase things therefore they’re likely to be spending more time having a peek at everything you’ve submitted. Additionally they will be taking a look at it with a critical eye therefore be certain that you take some opportunity to create certainly!

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