Ramadan in Abu Dhabi


Ramadan, a holy month of fasting for followers of Islam religion is a greatly revered festival in Abu Dhabi given that Islam is the official religion in UAE with Muslims constituting 96% of the population. For Muslims, Ramadan gives them a chance to contemplate over their past deeds and take on charitable donations.

It can be a challenging time for visitors who prefer to visit Abu Dhabi during the Ramadan season because of the strict compliance of rules about dressing, etiquette and consumption of alcohol during the holy month. Nevertheless, it is a magical experience to watch the Islamic culture unfold so beautifully. If tourists behave properly as per the laws, then the festival will certainly unveil a new dimension to tourism when is ramadan 2018.

People should refrain from eating, drinking and smoking in public places. They can eat in the privacy of their own room but not tempt a Muslim by offering him something to eat or drink.

In addition, people should dress conservatively during Ramadan. Men should refine their art of dressing during the specific month by wearing only trousers and a shirt. Conservative outfits such as top and skirt / trousers are fine for women, but they should avoid wearing tight trousers, sweaters or low-cut tops in public.

Swimwear is allowed only at private beaches of hotels, but tourists should stay within their limit that is defined by their commonsense.

Life in Abu Dhabi drastically changes during the month of Ramadan. Patience and courteousness is expected during this period as a working Muslim fasts from dawn to dusk. Daytime is calm due to shorter working hours and shops closing down during the afternoon.

However, during the evening the city sports a completely new avatar as people break their fast at Iftar, socialize and go to meet families & friends. Shops roll up their shutters at 8:00 pm and stay open until midnight. The scene is positively chaotic as traffic becomes heavy and public places stay crowded until wee hours of the morning.

During Ramadan, Muslims start their fast with Suhour before the dawn and end it with an Iftar meal at dusk. Since majority of the population is fasting, restaurants are generally closed until sunset. Many will have sumptuous Iftar buffets erected in special Ramadan tents where people gather to break their fast.

Abu Dhabi holidays during Ramadan month will make you aware and interested in the emirate’s culture. Hotels in Abu Dhabi arrange for Iftar parties with special dishes made only for this occasion.

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