How To Spring Clean Your Aircon For The CNY


Spring is a moment that gives you new hope and you are ready for the upcoming Chnese New Year. It is also a festival when you spend time with your friends, family and loved ones. During the Chinese New Year, many guests can also come to your home, you always want to give them a comfortable and healthy environment. This is why you can start spring cleaning before the Chinese New Year is a good thing. In this spring cleaning work, people sometimes neglect to clean air conditioners, and because of this mistake, many people will suffer the musty smell from the aircon at home. To avoid this error, it is strongly recommended that you clean the aircon before the CNY spring and clean other items at home. For the better solution , you can find the best aircon servicing company in Singapore to help you do the job.

But if you know how to clean the air conditioner for CHINESE NEW YEAR, then you do not have to suffer the musty smell from the aircon . We have a few opinion that can definitely help you with the easiest in this requirement. With these things, you can follow and this will help your spring cleaning become more efficiently.

Cleaning the filter: Your air conditioner air filter is one of the most important and major parts of your aircon, and you can also clean the filter during spring cleaning. Ideally, you will need to replace the filter instead of cleaning the filter, as cleaning may not give you the best results and some dirt and dust particles may remain in the old air filter. This tiny deposit of dust can affect your air conditioning performance. On the other hand, you do not have this concern if you want to change filters instead of cleaning filters. In addition, replacing the filter certainly takes less time than cleaning. If you are doing spring cleaning for the Chinese New Year, there may not be enough time in your hands, which is another reason to replace a new filter rather than a cleaning filter.

Cleaning Trays: Many times people neglect to clean their air conditioning trays by cleaning their Chinese New Year in the spring. When you do cleaning work, you should also pay attention to clean your tray. Many times people ignore the cleanliness of the collection tray and after a while your house begins to smell unpleasantly. To clean the tray, you can use some special cleaning material to easily remove any dust. This precaution will help you get a better experience in the cleaning section and you will be able to get good results for your CNY Spring Cleaning in a simple way.

Cleaning the pipeline: This is another important thing that you need to do to clean your home before the Chinese New Year arrives. To clean the airocn duct, you can use some special cleaning things to eliminate clogging and dust in the air conditioner. The cleaning of this pipe is very important because the deposition of water becomes a nesting place for many microorganisms that give you very unpleasant odors at home. By cleaning this pipe, you get the best output, and your spring cleaning work can also be very effective.


Cleaning the compressor: Indeed, you can not clean the compressor yourself, and even an expert will not do it unless it is really necessary. However, you can clean the air conditioning compressor externally at any time, and this external cleaning will also give you better results. If you notice dirt near the air conditioning compressor, then your cleaning work should be included in the cleaning work. I recommend doing this because if these things start to smell bad then it will surely have a bad smell in your home. In addition, you can clean other dirty things on the air conditioner compressor and make your CNY better.

Clean it from the inside: I’m not asking you to separate the air conditioner and then clean it from inside, but you can open the lid and you can check for the deposition of dust, mites, ┬ádirt, and other bugs. If you have not cleaned your air conditioner after some time, I believe you will see this deposit in your air conditioner. You can get information from the manual to open the cover, which you can easily open using the basic tools.

Call an expert: You can always use the above as a spring cleaning job, you can welcome your guests in CHINESE NEW YEAR, but you should call an expert if you notice any deterioration in your air conditioner. Experts can determine the cause of the performance degradation and can also help you get out of the air conditioning problems. In some cases, you may not be able to clean up part of the air conditioner and experts can do it for you in an easy way. Therefore, I can say that this is one of the most important things to do in air conditioners during the spring cleaning operation.


In addition, it is also important to take all necessary precautions in cleaning. This means you should turn the power, you should unplug the power cord from the socket. In addition, when you touch anything for cleaning, you need to use proper protective gear to avoid any infection. In addition, you also need to choose the cleaning time wisely so that you can get the best out of spring cleaning and welcome your guests in the best way possible.

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