Risk Management and Auto Dealer Car Lot Cleaning – Case Study


mercedes benz houston – Every small company must fret about risk management, particularly service businesses. It hardly matters if you’re operating a landscaping firm, a home inspection agency, or maybe a mobile car wash company, there are always inherent dangers of the transaction. It’s very important that you decrease these dangers every time you can. Provided that we are referring to the mobile car wash company, which is something I understand about, having been within this industry before retirement, allow me to offer you a case study as an example of how risk management varies how you conduct business.

To begin with, I’d like to clarify that business insurance is not economical in the service industry, and also the insurance prices are based on your gross revenues as well as sales. As you earn more cash, and since you have more workers your revenue ought to go upward, and so too will your insurance costs for general liability, since it’s based on a proportion.

Moreover, you need workers compensation insurance, and also the more harms you’ve got at work, the higher it receives. If your business is injury prone, this may enable you to really eliminate money and be unable to maintain a gain in any way, since your employees compensation insurance prices goes through the roof.

Now then, let us talk a mobile car wash cleaning at automobile dealership automobile lots, they’re done twice each week. I am confident that you have noticed crews outside cleaning the automobile dealerships at the morning spraying most of the cars once you drive. The main reason it’s performed in the morning, is that the automobile dealerships might love to acquire the washing machine crews away from the parking lot by 10 AM when clients may begin showing up. This is only because they do not need the clients to visit the hoses.

I want to talk about four Distinct things of concern for cellular carwash operators concerned about risk management;

Hoses to excursion on
Ice on the floor
Length of wands
Damp, wet, and grabbing a cold considered
Not only can clients excursion on the hoses, but also your workers, and it will happen, I’ve really tripped and dropped on the hoses several times. More often than I trip and grab my balance, but I’ve had skinned up knees and eaten dirt on more than 1 occasion. Throw in a little ice on the floor on a cold wet afternoon, and it is like this song; “slip sliding away,” worse, is that the simple fact that if you put water onto the automobiles it melts on the floor, flows on the sidewalk and forms the ice you’ll afterwards slip on.

Then let us discuss the duration of the firearms used at the pressure washing machine. In case your wand is too long you wind up holding it over your head, and in doing this your arms get really tired after a few hundred cars, along with also the hose behind the gun readily grabs on the automobiles as you move around each and each of them. After the hose captures on the automobiles, in addition, it can let you trip up.

Realize you’re handling pressure, occasionally heated water, and also a slick coating. The ability of this gun can really be utilized as a propulsion device, should you hold it in your belt line, then stand on the ice, and pull the trigger. I know that sounds funny but it’s true, and I’m attempting to make a point about the problem in keeping your equilibrium whilst cleansing the cars, and also the possibility of slip and fall accidents. Maybe it is possible to understand why risk management in cellular car washing is quite real. Please consider all of this.