Advantages Of The Duplex Colour Laser Printer


Because the Duplex colour laser printer allows you to print on both sides of the paper in one print job it was originally marketed to commercial concerns. The advantages of using these printers are many and varied especially in a commercial office environment.

The printers were built to save time and effort over their non duplex counterparts. The non-duplex printers required the paper to be fed through the printing process twice to print both sides. The consumer would have to re-insert the printout by hand creating inefficiency in a busy office environment. The introduction of the duplex laser printer was heralded as a huge improvement and became very popular .

Another reason for the popularity of these printers with office management staff is the savings enjoyed on the costs of office supplies. Those who manage a busy office must always be on the lookout to save money and trim “excess fat” from the budget every chance they can. Before these printers came on the scene the ability to print on both sides of the paper with extra work was often ignored or incorrectly done, resulting in waste in both paper and ink. The advent of the duplex changed the waste to thrift. The duplex printers are very easy to use making for minimal mistakes. And since they automatically print both sides of the paper, waste in both paper and ink are curtailed.

Speed is often an issue in some offices. “That report was needed by the “Big Boss” yesterday.” Is one battle cry that is heard. Laser printers by their very nature are much faster than the old dot matrix style machines. Dot matrix printers use a line by line printing method one color at a time, whereas a laser printer can print all colors at the same time almost instantly as well as very quietly.

There are however a few minor disadvantage to duplex printers as well. The duplex printers are much larger in size then other types of printers. In a world where technology runs to smaller and smaller things the duplex printers are still in their relative infancy. Therefore if you are looking for a printer that you can carry in your pocket around town you will not find a duplex that is ready yet. In a world were printers as small as 4lbs exist, the duplex can seem a rather large monster. The average weight of these printers is 60lbs so they are not exactly portable.

Another disadvantage is repair. The technology used within printers requires special technicians to repair them if they actually go down. Lasers must be properly aligned or they will not work right. Therefore repairs can cost more for the duplex then for other types of printers.

These printers can also be more expensive than some other types of printers. You can actually purchase a small regular non duplex laser printer for under $100. Duplex printers are more expensive.

The duplex colour laser printer has many advantages over other printers, speed and reduction in wasted paper and ink to name just two, although the sheer size of them may make them better for the office then the home.