Pastors and Priests Say the Darndest Things


Every once in awhile there’s just one of the minutes after all, playing a “Man of God,” you could barely think what, theories, teachings and thoughts that appear to flow so easily out of the mouths. Recently I had been hearing a quite rabid radio preacher discuss the situation David had been with to their own roof looking down in Bathsheba carrying a tub on hersĀ . He talked of murder and lust, sin and desire however maintained with the expression “Bathsheba was taking a bath.” It struck me that he had been likely to say something very dumb. He even did. Finally he travelled Biblically Brain Dead, also said exactly what I had been expecting he wouldn’t normally. .” Uhoh, he is gonna state it. Idiot. I wrote him and inquired if her carrying a shower might have gotten her called “SHOWERSheba,” however he did not respond.

As many funny and dumb notions can stream from their mouth of a guy who isn’t believing his demonstration through, or hasn’t done an excellent job in hunting out the back ground of it all, but there are many others that state freakin scary points from the name in these vision and also God. It’s these kinds which will need to be at least discounted as well as perhaps faced to avoid the foolishness.

Tim LaHaye, author of the most popular “Left Behind” novels is very good example.

Composer of Christian doomsday fiction; grad of ultrafundamentalist Bob Jones University; founding member of this “young Earth” Institute for Creation Research; Co Founder with Jerry Falwell of Moral Majority; writer of slanderous novels and tracts denouncing “Secular Humanism”; creator of American Coalition for Traditional Values


— Rev Tim LaHaye, speech, Religious Roundtable

, and New York Times September 8, 1984, quoted from Albert J Menendez and Edd Doerr, The Great Quotations on Religious Freedom

Are you aware what insanity this would deliver? Do you know that becoming ministers and pastors to collaborate together and watch that the world through the exact blockers is similar to herding cats? Too many chiefs and not enough indians in order for this to function. Moreover, I have experienced how they run their own churches…overlook.


— Rev Tim LaHaye, hailed from Guy Manchester, “The fantasy world of Tim LaHaye,” Freedom Writer, summertime 2000

That one has to have captivated the President because he said himself he expected to bridge the difference between Church and State. Boys, both of these are not associated inside our government and also the people which join them regularly have implementation Fridays for its adulterous, non believers and disobedient. Why don’t you simply admit that a few things in life really are not one of this ministry or churches industry?


— Rev Tim LaHaye, in a post at the Southern California Christian Times, volunteered by Guy Manchester, “Tim LaHaye: the man behind the bestsellers,” Freedom Writer, Sept.-Oct. 2000

There has been so many “last big wake-up calls” the alarm clock clock has expired. Bible fiction will not actually point out the facts of anyone specific topic. Some body’s God also has to possess chosen to emphasise the occasions of 9 11 to allow them to exercise outside their wildest fantasies.

That really is just one my favourite quotes in the minister turned pseudo-scientist therefore that he would defend the indefensible and explain some thing in a manner that is suitable for his perspectives, but is maybe not thus.

Rev Walter Lang
Creator, Bible-Science Association

You just need the right weather conditions, as I see it, to get huge creatures. And in the ocean, of course, we have huge creatures… this is where the plesiosauruses seem to be today, and perhaps also this fire breathing dragon is still down there — very rare, but occasionally there.”
— Rev Walter Lang, hailed from American Atheists, “From the Mouths of Creationists”

I adore that the “without any question,” because he knows that. Even the “as I see it” is really a small give away not to mention the language “seem” and “perhaps” are enormous helps to reveal “we REALLY have dinosaurs today.” Once you have doubts utilize keywords phrases and leave locker room words too. This is how one explains fiction in like manner as an individual will not realize they’re now being preached to and perhaps not educated such a thing that’s true. Preaching and precision aren’t generally connected.