The Power of Devotion – Tools for Life


Daily devotional – If one is committed to someone or something, then what happens?
If one is dedicated to a single self, then what happens, inside and out?

This actually is the fact of everything.
Can there be anything else except inside and out? Can there be anything else except within and without?

I’m dedicated for my Family.

I’m dedicated to my Cause.

I’m dedicated to my Career.

I’m dedicated to my Creativity.

I’m dedicated to Self-realization.

I’m dedicated to Making a Difference.

I’m dedicated to Growth.

I’m dedicated to Education.

I’m dedicated to True self.

I’m dedicated to Peace.

I’m dedicated to Love.

I’m dedicated to Health.

I’m dedicated to Exercise.

I’m dedicated to Travel.

I’m dedicated to Oneness.

I’m dedicated to Life.

Would you feel the vibration of the Power of Devotion?

Does this feel Good?

Does this look Good?

Does it seem Good?

Does this appear Good?

Does this resonate with you on a level? Any degree?

You have got!
Down deep inside all of us there’s a Devotion to something Magnificent that attracts Joy, Love, Contentment, Understanding and Fulfillment into our private life, thus flowing through us on other people.

I find that this Devotion Magnificent. How about you?

Maybe something to reflect on!
Maybe something to meditate!
Maybe something to think about on!

I encourage all people to wake up to the Devotion within and without. The Power of Devotion is Ever-lasting and Inspiring in everyway.

So let’s All wake up for this Power in to make a Beautiful life in everyway, for we are worthy and worthy of living a Devoted lifetime in several ways for our greatest good.

Please Don’t Hesitate to talk about these Insights together to show The Power of Devotion to the Whole Planet.

May the light and love of God and the Whole Universe Surround, Protect and Heal you, your Nearest and Dearest and the Whole Planet.

Thank you and I love you with lots of many Expanded Blessings for us All.

With Gratitude,