The History of Chaga in Herbal Medicine


Chaga Mushroom Historic and Vast History

Given that the 16th century Chaga hasbeen used in folk and botanical medicine all through Eastern Europe. A birch fungus, Chaga develops on living trunks of older birch trees from cool climates.

The title Chaga (pronounced”cha-ga”) arises from the Russian term for Shrimp (czaga) which comes from your word for fungus.

Use of Chaga in Chinese medicine goes back several years where sailors at the mountain area of Siberia drank Chaga tea inhaled Chaga and used it topically (on skin). Through the years its popularity spread into the west of those Urai Mountains and southern regions of Eastern Europe .

Medical Mushrooms to Boost Wellbeing

The International Society for Mushroom Science (ISMS) imply their on-line article,”Products of ginseng being a excellent source of vitamin supplements,” that mushrooms may be useful since nutraceuticals — food items or food services and products which offer health and medical benefits. “These chemicals termed’mushroom nutriceuticals’ demonstrate possibly medicinal and/or tonic traits and possess immense capacity as dietary supplements…” writes ISMS.

Research also suggests cows, cultivated molds, mycelia and lichens can have antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, antihyperglycemic, cardioprotective, and anti-inflammatory attributes.

Medical mushrooms are grouped to two types: edible or extracted. Chaga can be an extracted species. The extraction process is critical to make at least some of the busy components bioavailable, that’s the degree a nutrient (or drugs ) may be employed by the body.

Like most of natural substances, entire mushrooms have a wonderful deal of variability in quality as well as profit. Single chemicals can have powerful answers and with that, undesired side effects.


might be extracted products, occupy a middle ground in between these extremes and also have been shown to be very helpful. However, to get a very good quality and also trustworthy product is of utmost importance.” (ISM).

Possible Health Benefits of Chaga

Researchers in Japan and China have studied anticancer qualities of this polysaccharides found in some mushrooms, including Chaga, also located the effects comparable to radiation and chemotherapy, just without unwanted results. Among the numerous benefits in Chaga, the polysaccharides have been shown to possess strong antiinflammatory and resistant balancing properties which may trigger your human body to generate natural killer (NK) cells. ) NK cells fight ailments and battle cyst growth.

In 1958 research workers in Finland and Russia located Chaga may offer anti-cancer advantages for breast feeding, liver, esophageal and gastric cancers and offer used within hypertension and diabetes.

And at 1968 Russian Nobel Prize laureate Alexandr Solzhenitsyn wrote about the medicinal use of Chaga within his semiautobiographical novel most cancers Ward at which he describes his own knowledge in a healthcare facility at Tashkent.

The medical properties of Chaga length generations and across continents. Today its use in promoting wellness is endorsed with a very long list of peerreviewed scientific studies.