Refractive Surgery (LASIK/PRK) Co-management


Part of this extensive eye exam incorporates fitting glasses/contacts to fulfill your visual requirements. Many folks in the work or even in home screen pc usage as a massive portion of their everyday pursuits. As much more folks are utilizing the computer, as a huge proportion of these develop personal eyestrain. Prolonged computer use may worry your eyes and also lead to a loss in attention, headache, tired eyes, and double vision Irvine Optometry.
Computer Vision Syndrome refers to that the brain

eyes responding differently into the personalities on the monitor than they do to published characters. Our eyes naturally concentrate on items which have clearly defined borders. Characters onto a computer monitor, but lack these sharp borders, which makes it difficult for your eyes to sustain attention. Specialized reading/computer glasses might aid in reducing eyestrain related to computer usage. We’ve got advanced instruments to correctly and accurately quantify the ideal prescription for the own computer glasses to tackle your personal needs.

A comprehensive eye exam may be the precursor into the pre operative measurements essential for refractive surgery (LASIK, PRK, and ICL) when desirable. We cooperate together with Thomas Tooma, MD, medical director for NVision Laser Eye Centers along with Dan Tran, MD health director for Coastal Vision to present refractive surgery pre/post medical care.
In addition, we supply regular annual comprehensive eye exams after refractive operation to track visual effects and also the fitness of a person’s attention. Please say if you’re thinking about refractive surgery. We’ll Complete the Essential paperwork to get a free consultation with NVision Laser Eye Centers or even Coastal Vision to determine that your candidacy