Mrs India Pageant – Married Woman’s Pageant

Mrs India Pageant only gateway platform channels for unique and unique competition and the world’s first beauty patent for India to Mars India, married women were held on July 4 in Chennai. Ms. India 2017 the nationals completed the country in the zones and state levels before the regional and state-owned plants of Ms. India attended. Ms. India held moments of events in the country for the zones and states for the time being and after selecting the best success, and after this, many hosts of Ms. India and the Indian State of India organized everything in India. The main priests organized platforms to create.


Although most priests just look, Mrs. India is different from accepting the belief, attitude and achievements of a married woman. Competitive cars actively participated in the support and support of various societies as part of women’s empowerment, education, environmental issues, mental health and part of the selection process. The flag of Mrs. India is the national pride and treasure of India. The priest is the most prestigious title and award for married women in India. Ms. India – Queen of substance is an annual in two different destinations to identify married Indian women who appreciate beauty, talent, intelligence and compassion.

Indian woman plays a very important role in her life that allows her. As a mother, the role of a woman comes from the resistance and resistance of the children. She, being a wife, is guardian of an evil eye, for being a wife, who can tell a person to share his trials and problems and helps him overcome obstacles. In order to think of companies, think of Indian women, execute them, and reduce the risk and economic uncertainty involved in running the company.

The lady is a series of successful married women from India who try to become safe, heavy, beautiful, beautiful, honorable and respectable in the world representing India around the world. In addition to being a symbol of the beauty and success of India, the Queen of Mrs India Pageant  competition offers a career for its participants. As successful countries, all the various headlines of Ms. India will be widely recognized.

The objective of the flag of Mrs. India is the model that will serve as ambassadors in charity, promote beauty and promote new strength, energy and spirit for the development of women, while positive will affect the community. This is a sincerity that will provide married women with a platform where they have to make a difference in the world.

According to the initial date of the national discussion, the constant should be at the age of 20-50. The contestant must be born naturally, genetic woman. Content is a citizen or legal resident of India or India. Content may be divorced, widowed or married without children. Content is physical and mental health and is capable of fulfilling the professional responsibilities of national holders. If selected as a national title, I will hold the title until my successor is selected or elected.

Applicants are considered and agree that Ms. Will establish the clergy of the Queen of India to all problems to compete in sincere national. Assistant must be willing to fulfill the commitment of both and the other applicants. Good role: The plaintiff is a good moral character, neither, nor her husband, is involved in any activity, which will disclose to the public, Mrs. India painting, employees, directors, agents, volunteers, prosecuted, sponsors or companies illegal or illegal, are fun, or facts, but the union of any kind of legal drugs, illegal behavior or activity, moral conflict Fighting punishment, examination or error is not included. Applicants have agreed that if they are chosen to compete in the beauty queen’s pastor of Mr. India to be elected, he will participate in the national talk and will choose as the owner of the national title. .If all the responsibility should be paid by the payment fees. Stay in residential books and host hotels during national tail dates. The expenses of the regional round (travel and stay) will assist the participants.