Ottawa’s Senators Hot on the Trail!


Goalies include Alex Alud along with Brian Elliot. Donovan and Bass around from the injured reserve list.

After slough off the Washington Capitals at home in their final match they proceed onto Go to the Devils in Jersey subsequently come home to face off from the Blues and also the Blue Jackets to finish out January dentist in winchester va. February they check out yet more to confront against the Capitals in Washington because of his or her very first match of this month and ongoing in house with the Kings, Bruins, the Sabres whom are going to facing straight back to back in home and abroad, the Canucks, Sharks and the Maple Leafs. Their other games that are away will probably be with the Flyers, Wild, Predators, Avalanche and Canadiens.

Back in March eight out of fifteen matches are dwelling where they sponsor the Flames, Oilers, Sabres, Maple Leafs, Lighting, Canadiens and the Islanders. Their traveling matches will probably be together with the Bruins, Penguins, Rangers, Hurricanes, Thrasher, Lighting and Panthers.

The Senators will closeout that the 2008-2009 season in April with six games that are final seeing the Bruins, Canadiens and Maple Leafs. Athome they do final conflicts with the Flyers, Bruins yet again and also the Devils on April 1 1 bring matters to a conclusion.

Ottawa’s general supervisors are Bryan Murray and Tim Murray. Training team can lead by head coach Craig Hartsburg, assistant trainer Greg Carvel, assistant trainer Curtis Hunt, manager of player development Randy Lee, conditioning trainer Adam Douglas, video trainer Tim Pattyson along with goaltending coach Eli Wilson. Working out team together with head equipment

Scott Allegrino, head athletic trainer Gerry Townend, assistant equipment manager Chris Cook and assistant athletic therapist Matthew Bennett.

Medical staff for those Senators are team doctor Don Chow M.D., team physician Anita Pozgay M.D., team physician Mark Aubury M.D., team physician Steve Papp M.D., team physician Bill Henry and team optometrist Greg Moloney.

Goalies are all Martin Gerber and Jeff Glass.

The Senators may possibly have a fantastic prospect of acquiring a play off spot. Should they are able to figure out how to pull off four or even more wins that they can possibly bulge off the quantity eight Carolina Hurricanes. Let us hope that the Senators can muster until the struggle available.

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