Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper – Saving Time & Money Compared to Conventional Stretch Wrappers


The Rotary Ring stretch wrapper is a revolutionary design that uses a unique wrapping ring concept. The film carriage is supported and rotated using a 96″ diameter ring. Unlike a traditional turntable or rotary arm machine that must support and rotate thousands of pounds of mass just to apply the stretch film, the Rotary Ring rotates only the carriage itself. The result is a much faster “low mass rotation system” that because of the limited stress and strain on the working component is much better suited for 24hr/7 days a week applications. Because of its ability to start and stop the cycle anywhere on the load, the rotary ring pallet wrapper reduces stretch film cost drastically when compared to conventional rotary arm and turntable style wrappers.

Film Savings Design Drastically Reduces Film Usage:

With conventional wrappers (rotary arm and turntables) the film clamp is fixed at conveyor height and the wrap cycle must start at the bottom and get to the top as fast as possible, apply the top wraps, spiral down with a controlled overlap to contain the load and finish at the bottom with bottom wraps and clamping and film tail treatment of the load. However the typically 30 ft. or so of stretch film applied getting to the top is effectively wasted film. The Rotary Ring key feature is that the film clamp and film tail treatment travels vertically with the film carriage. The Rotary Ring is able to start at the bottom of a load and finish at the top without having to return back down to the clamp fixed at the conveyor horizontal wrapping machine. This means that you can save an extra 30+ feet of stretch film while still applying the same required load retention wraps. The result is thousands of dollars in annual film savings compared to conventional wrapper. In the case of a 60 loads per hour application this results in payback of the purchase price in approx 3 years in film savings alone compared to other conventional wrappers.

Virtually Unlimited Wrapping Patterns:

The rotary ring design allows for virtually unlimited wrap patterns due to the ability to start and complete a wrapping cycle anywhere during the wrap cycle. Custom wrapping cycles can be added to suit the application requirements. Compact Footprint Design: Designed to be the smallest footprint in the industry, this automatic wrapper fits into tighter layouts than any other competitive model due to taking 25% less space that most rotary arm style wrappers. Do not waste valuable floor space. The Rotary Ring fits into the dead zones like corners areas and along a wall.