How to Optimize Your Product Listing Ads


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To get the most out of your website, in addition to properly optimizing your pages, you also need to optimize your product listing ads. More attention is being paid to product listing ads due to the introduction of Google Shopping’s recent initiative. Product listing ads have now become an important aspect of any new online marketing campaign.

One of the first things that you can do to optimize your product listing ads is to pay particular attention to the titles that you use to describe products. Carefully worded titles will help your website rank higher when a particular product that you offer is searched for. Experts suggest that your titles not be longer than 70 characters. If you go over the recommended 70 characters, Google will likely truncate portions of the title. You should also place the most important information regarding the product in the front of the title. This is because when search results are presented to customers, only the first few words of the title will be visible.

When describing your products, you should not view this as an opportunity to fill the description with keywords. It is important to use a few carefully chosen keywords, but remember not to fill the description with only keywords. Your description should provide customers with information that is relevant to the particular product that they are viewing. It is also important that the descriptions you include on your website be original and well-written. This will help your ads be easy to read and informative to customers.

It is also important that you price your products accurately. Google has recently started penalizing websites that incorrectly list the prices of their items. You should keep in mind all of the costs associated with the product, such as shipping and tax. By providing this information to potential customers, you will like begin to rank higher in search engine results. In addition to price, you should also carefully monitor your inventory. Customers hate it when they go through the entire checkout process only to find out that the item is not currently in stock. If you are aware that an item is out of stock you should ensure that the item is listed as such.

Following the tips we have listed above will go a long way in ensuring that your product listing ads are properly optimized. However, search engines continue to make changes and release updates that may affect all of the hard work that you have put in. To avoid being penalized after a new update has been released, you should remain current on the acceptable guidelines that are currently being used by the top search engines.