WordPress Website Hosting – A Brief Introduction


WordPress is an open-source web application that has become extremely popular in recent years. It allows users to easily and conveniently publish and manage content online without programming expertise or high level technical skills. Initially the primary application of WordPress was to allow bloggers to get their content online without having to worry about custom coding and complex hosting issues but as the software evolved and the community grew it has become a popular application for building and maintaining all manner of sites.

Perhaps the best thing about WordPress is that it is absolutely free. Not only does this benefit users by saving them capital in building their website but, due to its open source nature, there is a huge community providing constant support and updates to remove security vulnerabilities and increase functionality.

There are two options for getting a WordPress site online. Either you find a reliable web host that provides the features and support that you require or, if you have a little more technical know-how or are willing to pursue a lot of guides and learn the subject (it’s not that hard for those with a little determination) WordPress Hosting.

Web hosting is the only aspect of a good WordPress website that costs the creator money, unless you choose to have custom themes, templates or applications designed to help your site stand out from the crowd. There are free web hosts available that don’t charge you to host your WordPress site, but also don’t pay commission for affiliates. If yours is a commercial venture, paid web hosts are best. If the aim is purely recreational, go for the free hosts!

There are lots of web hosts that provide easy automatic installation tools for WordPress on their servers. There is no good reason to go to the trouble of installing WordPress manually when these services are available for no extra cost from good web hosts Reseller Hosting.

Hosting WordPress on a local machine is not much more difficult. A series of e-famous 5 minute install guides are available that take you through the process of installing WordPress in very simple and concise steps. However the machine must first be set up with a base server installation such as WAMP.

Why buy Reseller Hosting from MicroHost

Reseller hosting is the type of hosting services that provide the multiple websites to be hosted for business purpose. The Reseller Hosting will usually not make any requirement of separating mail server, web server or DNS server. It is cost effective and runs the sites simultaneously for making the maintenance of hosting services free.

It offers the room to develop and grow the sites when we have multiple sites with plenty of traffic. It also makes a additional feature that is compared to standard hosting packages. The Reseller Hosting services are having a certain portion of high bandwidth and disk space included in it.In this kind of hosting, it comprises of two factors that are called as Linux Reseller hosting and Windows Reseller hosting.



There exist a lots of difference between Linux and windows reseller hosting services that makes it different from each other, Although the most prominent and popular service among both is the Linux Reseller Hosting service that is much more reliable and scalable than windows hosting. Whenever, customer have lots of website to be hosted then they should always prefer to Linux reseller hosting service rather than for windows reseller. The Linux reseller hosting runs along with the languages that supports php and Perl, it is more compatible with these languages rather than other.

In case of windows reseller hosting, as windows is the most popular operating system that is been used from past years , so to integrate the Windows Reseller Hosting is the god option for the users when they  need to host the windows platform. The windows reseller hosting services basically runs on the platform of asp or MySQL or asp.net.It is more compatible with these services rather than using any other.On the other hand, windows reseller is much less reliable and scalable than Linux and has more prices than Linux reseller hosting service.


The price structure of reseller hosting included with Linux and windows reseller hosting is described below as:

RESELLER HOSTING- It include 4 different varieties in it and their prices & plan are described below as:-

  • STARTER- It comes with the price rate of 509 per month and the features included with it are:- 50GB Web Space, Unlimited Website, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Ids, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Auto Install 200+ Scripts, Fee SSL Certificate Rs.2999, Malware & Virus Cleaner, No Free Domain.
  • STANDARD- It comes with the price rate of 779 per month and features included in it are:- 100GB Web Space, Unlimited Website, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Ids, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Unlimited Subdomain, 4GB RAM, CPU Power: |||||||, Unlimited Cpanel Accounts, Free WHM/Cpanel
  • ADVANCED- It comes with the price rate of 1,079 per month and features included in it are:- 150GB Web Space, Unlimited Website, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Ids, Free WHM/Cpanel, Auto Install 200+ Scripts, Fee SSL Certificate Rs.2999, Malware & Virus Cleaner, Free Domain Name

PROFESSIONAL- It comes with the price rate of 1,379 per month and features included in it are:- Unlimited Web Space, Website, Bandwidth, Email Ids,  FTP Accounts, 8GB RAM, CPU Power: |||||||||||||, Unlimited Cpanel Accounts, Free WHM/Cpanel, Auto Install 200+ Scripts, Fee SSL Certificate Rs.2999



It is sometimes difficult for the users to choose the best company for hosting their website. almost, every company is providing the web hosting services at huge discount with many features included in it. But, Microhost is making all these services available for their customers just at cheaper prices. The prices have reduced a lot as compared to earlier and other hosting providers too. They are offering all the features that are required for hosting the website in the same budget which is the most appropriate option for the users.

They are offering the services as high bandwidth, up-time of 99.99%, there is also added a feature of flexibility and reliability. They have their own data centre that makes the websites get loaded faster and easier. Customers will not find any difficulty in using the services if they purchase form MicroHost company.We are among the top and best hosting providers who are leading and growing up more from past to recent years.