Man to Man – Gay Tango Dancing


A brand new form of the Tango is becoming increasingly more popular with the minute: gay Tango. In the event that you should visit a homosexual milonga (Argentinian dance bar), you would probably find men partnering with other men, and women partnering with women and dancing the Tango. Since the Tango can be just a kind of dancing that’s constantly evolving, it’s simply natural it go around in this way tango.

There is one person who’s really created the popularity of homosexual Tango: Augusto Balinzano, who tours all over the entire world to teach this brand new dance sensation. Already a professional Tango dancer, it was only natural that he begin teaching within this style if he saw just how hot it was becoming in dance clubs.

You will learn Gay Tango and Queer Tango. While Gay Tango is all about novelty, Queer Tango is for both gay and straight individuals, with the adopt being just as important as the footwork. Follow or guide, it’s totally your decision personally.

The expanding popularity of this art is not only discovering the world of ballroom dancing, but additionally it is just one more thing which is being accepted within our everchanging society. As we accept more and more new ideas, like Gay Tango, we’re getting to be more openminded, and so are opening ourselves up to whole new worlds.

Thus, if you’re homosexual, and also have wanted to try ballroom dance with a gay partner, you may only need to devote Tango an attempt.