Multiple APK Support Helps Android App Developers


This really is excellent news for Android program programmers as it is going to let them offer programs on a larger collection of their provider’s hardware. This brand new modification is among Google’s major efforts to handle the problems which were knowledgeable about fragmentation Voot. A number of variants of the identical program is now able to be united in to a Android Market list. The preceding rule just allowed for a single APK per product list. The advantage to uploading numerous variants of an APK is that every variant may tackle an alternative niche of one’s own customers. The various versions share the exact same program name, but comprise programming which targets different versions readily available on the Android program, many different monitor sizes and GL texture-compression formats. The

APK is brought directly to the consumer, depending on the requirements and faculties of the users apparatus.

Users simply goto the net browser and then register, and pick the program they want to put in. This technique then assesses the compatibility of their selected program and the hardware that’s given in the settings of this user.

Today Android program programmers are going to are capable of providing bonus variants which can be harmonious and over exactly the exact same offering, rather than cluttering up the market place with numerous listings that wind up confusing the consumer. Most noteworthy, a programmer can develop another APK for tablets and smartphones under exactly the exact same listing. Use new API’s or hardware capacities without radically diluting your customer base needs to be regarded as a primary benefit for giving the Android Market an attempt for program programmers.

There hasn’t been a date set for its release of their new-look Android Market program, but leaked variants have now already been cropping up on the web for downloading and setup. Google did announce plans to unveil a totally brand new Android Market program which permits clients to obtain novels or rent pictures in their tablet computers, smart phones and apparatus.

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