Lie Detector Tests for All Law Enforcement


Too frequently we hear of bad cops, bad troops, poor district lawyers and tainted departmental of home land security those working with your border patrol, TSA or alternative branches.

When it’s correct the 30 per cent of most Law enforcement workers are offenders or so are on the shoot then your only real means to be certain our police force individuals stay honest would be always to let them have lie detector examinations. Bear in mind that 30 per cent of most Americans are somewhat dishonest and people draw upon our people to function these tasks and for that reason since we can’t expect humans we must not kid ourselves together with all our law officials.Lie Detector Test

The single means to be certain they stay honest would be always to let them have lie detector tests. I really believe we have to devote all Law police officers lie detector tests every 6 weeks and should they neglect they lose their retirement and their own job. We just need honest police officers employed by the American men and women.

It’s the duty of the government to safeguard the American public which isn’t the job to steal, lie or deceive the American people outside of county, city, federal or state agencies or taxpayers currencies. Please think about that in 2006.

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