Tips in Determining The Moisture Level of Wood


Determining the moisture level of wood is very important to do before using a certain kind of wood for your requirements. Usually, carpenters, manufacturers as well as hobbyists also use the moisture level of a certain wood to determine when and how the wood should be used. Wood with high moisture level over 25 percent will be bad material for furniture or many other things that should be enclosed behind the wall, since it might be easily mold and decay. In order to get easiness in measuring the level, you can use moisture meter.

In this certain article, you will find some easy and simple steps in determining moisture level of wood. You can start by turning on your device then wait the digital display to appear. Then, you can adjust the unit by pressing the calibrate button on. Then, you can press the Species button to set the species wood moisture meter. You can scroll the display to get the selections.

Now, you can remove the pin covers. Press the pins into the wood as far as possible. Make it parallel to the grain. Then, you can look for the Read button on your device and press it. You will get the result of the measuring on the display of your moisture meter. Now, you can pull the pins and the units from the wood away. Then, you can replace the pin cover to the device.

You can actually measure the moisture of wood manually with some supporting tools and formula, but it might take longer time. Besides, nowadays you can find many options of moisture meter in the market that could be your best option. What you need to do is just determining your needs and your budget, and you can go on to some stores and suppliers near your area to get the most appropriate one for your needs.

Now, you can use your wood properly based on the level of the moisture.

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