The Effects of Poor Reception With Cell Phones and Weak Signal Reception


The Effects of Poor Reception

It is said that almost more than half the people with cell phones are not satisfied with their signal reception. Most of the people are always complaining of poor or weak signal reception that causes them many problems. Some of the most noticeable problems of poor reception are:

Out of Touch

You will not be able to make full use of your cell phone and will be out of touch with the latest happenings. An active and strong cell phone connection is required in order to have real fun talking over the phone. With a weak signal, chances are you will end up two seasons behind in all the gossip and have no updates on the market. Not just this, even 3G and other internet applications won’t work properly if the signal keeps fluctuating phone with best signal reception.

Losing on Customers

If you are a businessperson then poor reception is extremely bad for you. If a client is trying to reach you but you are unavailable for whatever reason, the client may look elsewhere. No vendor can ever afford losing customers. Every customer means a lot and losing one can trigger more as competitors might cash in on this.

Losing Image

For any person it is very important to always be connected in today’s world, especially for businesspeople as they need to be available round the clock to customers and potential clients. A businessperson, whose cell phone is out of reach due to poor reception, or any other reason, has a loss of credibility which is a big blow to anyone’s image.


Poor signals are often the cause of frustration for many people who get hyper and easily angered due to this. Anyone who is having this issue mostly complains of the aggravation, as the person is always dissatisfied and frustrated because of the poor call quality. The falling image, loss of customers, and lagging behind in updates altogether can cause poor service to others.

Causes Problems

This might be hard to believe for some but poor signal reception indeed gets so bad that it causes problems in the person’s life who is suffering from this issue. Imagine your boss trying to reach you but all he or she hears is that ‘the person is currently unavailable’. What would your boss’ reaction be? What about emergency situations? How will be you be sure that you will have the connection you need when it is most important?

Given above are all the problems caused by poor reception. They range from normal to some real severe problems that one has to deal with. The best thing is to work a little and improve poor signal reception by using one of the various methods available today, such as using signal boosters or by looking deeper into the problem in order to find out the issue that is being faced.

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